You want my phone number? It’s useless. The best way to contact me is to fill a human skull with acorns and vigorously shake it into the night. I will hear you eventually.

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Arcade Fire by Alex Lake for Q Magazine

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bbs - arcade fire -

the plot for Jurassic World finally revealed

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jurassic world - the hobbit - thanks imdb - all I did was google Jurassic world on my phone wtf google -

i really missed short hair

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i hope this job doesnt make me change the color but also i forgot my hair dyes 2000 miles away - me - selfie - look upon me and despair -


After you’ve awarded your cat with the World’s Best Cat Trophy, treat yourself (or your neighborhood Crazy Cat Lady) to a pair of earrings custom-made to look like your favorite feline. Let your kitty dangle from your the ears to show the world just how awesome they are.

These pieces of fabulous feline finery are the work of Leo the Cat Gallery, an online Japanese shop that uses photos of your pet to custom-craft earrings in their likeness. Leo the Cat’s earrings are available in four styles: Head Only, Full Body, I Spotted My Kitty, which depicts your cat peeking out from behind your earlobes, and the top-of-the-line option, My Kitty’s Hanging On, which features your cat dangling from your ears. Hang in there kitty!

"After sending in your cat’s photo, Leo will draw up three different designs, based on your requests such as colors you prefer or additional accouterments you’d like. For customers with gold allergies, earrings made with plastic resin parts are also available."

Leo the Cat Gallery is currently working through a backlog of orders, so they’re aren’t accepting new orders until September at the earliest. In the meantime you can follow them on Instagram to see many more photos of their fine feline fashion accessories.

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Question of the day





Time for some bi positivity! What’s your favorite thing about being bi? or pan or lgbt in general?

the pure, unfiltered power

The ability to commune with unicorns.

the powers of invisibility

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to walk unseen between worlds -
Name: Haiti
Artist: Arcade Fire
Album: Larimer Lounge 2004
168 plays


Haiti // Arcade Fire @ Larimer Lounge, Denver CO 12.3.2004

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a very cute regine - arcade fire -

nobody ever tags me in stuff I hate all of you

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not really - it's my fault i'm pretty aggressively anti shark - hermit life - i love all of you - u cute -


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win butler - arcade fire -
More like crapitalism

—Karl Marx (via queerandpresentdanger)

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